I have two models. One is loosely modeled on a Stradivari of the golden period, though it is not a copy, the other I designed specifically for a woman violinist who is very small, and has tiny hands. It is still considered a full size violin, but all the dimensions are reduced to the minimum, without sacrificing the volume and depth of tonal output. In fact many old Italian violins correspond to those measurements, including some of the most powerful Guarneris.
Here, too, I have designed two models. The 16 1/4” model combines clear treble sounds high on the A string with a truly resonant bottom on the C string and tonal richness throughout. Tonally a true violist’s viola, it was designed to be played with ease. It will let you play virtuosic passages with a minimum of fatigue.
    The 15 3/4” model is really designed for comfort in playing, but it has remarkable evenness of response and tonal clarity on all strings including the C.